Product Launch Training

The project:
Launching a new electric vehicle.

The launch of any brand new car is a challenge for car retailers, even more so when the car is electric. Electric Vehicles (EVs) are still relatively new to the automotive world and are full of great technology but they are complex and can take some time to understand.

Customers are more educated than ever and expect automotive retailers to know their product inside out whilst guiding them through the sales journey and providing seamless and exceptional experiences.

From product presentations and test drives to charge points and the ever growing list of competitors, there is a lot for retailer teams to learn and experience.

The challenge.

Create a learning experience complete with scenario-based practice activities and relevant tools that support the launch of a new luxury EV to an existing retailer network.

With a 6 month gap between the initial embargo release and retailers receiving their first cars, customer and retailer engagement was a high priority.

What did I do?

Firstly, I found out what retailer teams need to DO to provide the best customer experiences at each stage of the product launch from prospecting and conquesting to creating leads and making sales.

As the new car is complex and there is a lot to learn, rather than creating one ‘big bang’ training session, we designed a learner experience that drip-fed short, easily digestible product stories, tools and practice activities when required to keeps the retailer team engaged.

The solution:
Interactive scenarios.

After the release of each set of tools, retailer teams access scenario-based practice activities which are relevant to each stage of the product launch.

These short interactive activities allow learners to put their current knowledge into action using real-world scenarios, and allow the manufacturer to check the retailer network’s competence levels.

In these scenarios, learners meet typical customers and help them at different parts of the sales experience such as explaining EV technology and configuring their new car.

The solution:
Tools & activities.

Along the learning experience, retailers are drip-fed different levels of product information, product stories and quick reference guides that they can access and use on the job.

And, as sales teams love a bit of competition, the LXP (Learning Experience Platform) is utilised to include global retailer quizzes and competitive activities to encourage social learning and the sharing of best practice.

The result?

Retailer teams are engaged, they aren’t overwhelmed by knowledge, they know where to go to find information when they need it and they have the time and space to build up their product and customer experiences.