Customer Experience Training

The project:
Luxury customer experience.

Working in the luxury sector can be a challenge and it’s even more challenging when you’re new.

Dealing with demanding customers, building relationships and conducting yourself to align to luxury customer expectations can be a big and unexpected learning curve.

The challenge.

Create a learner journey including an interactive story that throws people who are new to the world of luxury straight into real-life scenarios right at the start of their journey to competence.

What did I do?

I found out what people need to do on the job to be successful.

How? I used my own experience of the luxury sector and interviewed luxury retailer General Managers from around the world to find out about their personal stories, the biggest challenges their teams face, a little about their customers and the tools they used to get to the top of their game.

I also developed a full learner journey that contains a deep-dive into luxury customers, some simple job-aids and action planners.

The solution:

I used the art of storytelling to introduce our main character, Ted. Ted gives people who are new to luxury service someone they can relate to and help him to solve real-world problems.

This short interactive story takes you from Ted’s first day in the world of luxury (where he’s very confident) through a typical day on the front desk of a luxury hotel (where he makes a few mistakes!).

The result? People can practice making real-world decisions based on true stories from luxury service, and pick up some top tips along the way!