Design Accelerator


Do these statements sound familiar?

“We have to say yes to every single project so our L&D team is overworked, our training is inconsistent and doesn’t hit the mark with learners”

“The original scope is always changing and we have to go through countless rounds of amends to make sure our SMEs are happy”

“Our SMEs want to include every last piece of information in our training sessions so we end up with long courses and get negative feedback from learners”

We can help your L&D design team to be even more awesome!

With over 13 years experience of working in corporate Learning and Development teams, I can really relate to your challenges.

The Design Accelerator programme will help your Learning and Development team to create robust instructional design processes and best practice guidelines that support you from scope, through design and implementation through to review.

Design Accelerator will:

  • Create and implement robust instructional design processes and guidelines that prevent scope creep, multiple rounds of amends and ineffective learning.
  • Move from overwhelming knowledge-based learning to action-based learning that drives results.
  • Empower your L&D team to consult with their stakeholders and be learning experts.
  • Align training to the goals and KPIs of your organisation.
  • Create engaging solutions that actually improve performance and get great feedback!

What will I do?

  • Discover the needs of your team, your challenges and areas of focus.
  • Create a bespoke Design Accelerator proposal.
  • Deliver workshops that inspire your team to think differently and build their confidence over time.
  • Provide tools to empower your team to design action-focused training that supports business performance. 
  • Provide simple design and project management tools, templates and best practice guidelines.
  • Implement design and development processes to enhance ways of working.

Want to know more?

Get in touch and I’ll send you more information about the Design Accelerator programme.

I aim to respond to your email within 24 hours.